Daddy-Daughter Dance Information

DD Dance

The last class rehearsal is Saturday, May 11th.

The Daddy-Daughter dances will be rehearsed during the Dress Rehearsal at 6:30pm on Friday, May 17th.

"Fathers and Daughters" dads need to wear black pants, a white dress shirt, and a black tie. "Cotton Eye Joe" dads need to wear blue jeans and a maroon t-shirt to match the girls shirts. All dads will need black or brown shoes.

If you have any questions, see me between classes or give me a call.

See you with your dancing shoes on!









Group 1

Rehearsal Time: 4 - 5 pm

Austin, Elin
Ball, Lyla Kay & Lilyan
Carpenter, Melissa
Compau, Cheyenne
Compau, Ella & Lola
Dargy, Alexis
Elowsky, Liana
Hawkin, Maya & Brooke
Hevel, Olivia & Lyla
Heverly, Maddison
Klanow, Sloane
Jacobs, Ava
Layman, Addi
Leschuk, Emily
Menzies, Emma
Patrico, Nina
Reece, Avery & Alivia
Scott, Emma
Smith, Peyton
Sprinkle, Kaylin
Stamper, Addison
Swift, Jessica
Welch, Ashley
Welling, Guiliana
Wilton, Reese

Group 2

Rehearsal Time: 5 - 6 pm

Anthony, Alison
Ball, Madalyn
Caron, Eva
Dobies, Catherine
Dumoulin, Danielle
Hickmott, Aubrey
Isenberg, Tori
Kochan, Sanora
Konkle, Kennedy
Manion, Madeline
Marino, Taryn
McLanson, Jamie
Penzien, Brianna
Ridley, Joslynn
Rowe, Abby
Swift, Brittany
Turner, Emma
Vogler, Alexia
Wilton, Savannah
W, Logan