Ticket Information


This year each family will have the opportunity to purchase 6 tickets (4 main floor seats and 2 balcony seats) for each show, for a total of 12 tickets.

The tickets are $8 each.

Starting Monday, April 22nd, the dancers will select tickets in a random drawing. At that time, the dancer's name and the seat numbers will be recorded on the envelope and set aside. You will have 2 weeks, until Monday, May 6th, to purchase your tickets. You do not have to purchase all of your tickets, only those that you wish to purchase. After May 6th, any tickets not purchased will become available for purchase by other dancers. Extra tickets will also be available to purchase at the Dress Rehearsal. The dancers will perform in both shows held at Brandon High School Performing Arts Center.

There is a limited amount of special seating in the auditorium. If you require special seating arrangements, please give me a note specifying what type of seating you need, ie. wheelchair, no stairs, only 1-2 stairs and I will accomodate you with two seats in that section. Two of your main floor seats will be exchanged for the special seating arrangements.

There are no exchanges or refunds on tickets once purchased.